About Me - Bio

I am a Christchurch based Musician and Composer. I studied composition at the
New Zealand School of Music in Wellington and graduated with a Masters Degree in 2012.

As well as studying composition and performing, I have had over 10 years of tuition
and experience on clarinet, bassoon and piano as well as 5 years on saxophone. I tutor
clarinet at St Monica's College and run the Woodwind programme at Thornbury
Primary School. I also provide private tuition.

I have performed in a number of orchestras including Preston Symphony Orchestra,
Asian Australian Orchestra, Heidelberg Symphony, Melbourne Lawyers Orchestra,
and the Grainger Wind Symphony.

Pieta Hextall musician
Pieta Hextall composer an arranger
Pieta Hextall tutor



All levels and ages welcome, and group lessons are available. Contact me for more information.

Pieta Hextall - the piano, music, artistry, and composition
Pieta Hextall - the flute, the love of music
Pieta Hextall - the piano, performance, tuition, arranging, and composition